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Mechanical Engineering Drawing is a communication tool in the engineering world that is used to express ideas or ideas in the form of a combination of meaningful lines and symbols in accordance with agreed rules. In mechanical engineering, engineering drawings are grouped into several types. This time we will discuss the classification of mechanical engineering drawings, including:

1. Machine Drawing

Machine drawings are images relating to machine parts or components, usually, machine drawings are presented with an orthographic view. by being presented with an orthographic or projection view, the shape and size of the components can be fully understood. Part drawings and assembly drawings are included in the Machine Drawing classification.

Machine Drawing

2. Working Drawing

Production drawings are also called working drawings, in these working drawings must have complete information. The required information, among others; dimensions or sizes, general tolerances, special tolerances, custom tolerances, geometry tolerances, and special finishing processes. What is meant by special finishing is heat treatment, grinding, etc.
Working Drawing
The type of material must also be informed in the working drawings, the number of components made, and the number of components that must be assembled. Working drawings are usually presented per page so that one page is one of the component drawings to be worked on.

3. Part Drawing

Part Drawings or component drawings are detailed drawings of components to facilitate their manufacture. The principle of orthographic projection should be clear and graphic representation techniques should be followed to communicate the details in the part drawing. Very detailed and detailed part drawings are Production drawings.

4. Assembly Drawing

Assembly drawings are machine drawings that show all components that have been made in an assembled form. Other information displayed in the assembly drawings is a visualization of the performance of the machine and the names of the components and their quantities.
Assembly Drawing
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